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This swing trading strategy is like a trading GOLD MINE!! 


Brian and Kenya's B-SWING STRATEGY is one of the BEST and EASY swing trading options in the market. It's consistent, highly profitable, and perfect for any level of trader who wishes to "set and forget it" and rely on a proven method. In this 24 page training manual, it covers an overview of swing trading, how the strategy works (entry, exit, stop loss), risk management tips, and several trade illustrations. This is a digital ebook and not a physical hardcopy book. 


About B-Swing Forex Trading Strategy: 


1. It is a swing trading strategy 

2. Includes entry, exit, stop rules and risk management tips 

3. Effective strategy for busy traders who may work during the day or don't have much screen time

4. Includes several illustrations of how to find entry and exits, and when the trade is invalid

5. Includes tips on how to meet profit targets

6. Explanation of how to journal your trades to find your advantage

7. B-Swing has a 95% win percentage and average pip gain of 300 pips in three days, risking no more than 2% max of total account balance. It is recommended that you demo and record a minimum of 100 trades in a trading journal to find your unique edge


*If you are a new or struggling Forex trader, it is recommended to get a proper forex education before investing your capital in the financial markets. If you follow Brian and Kenya Horton and enjoy their teaching style, you may consider their Forex Education Academy: BK Forex Academy which provides everything a trader needs to become a consistently profitable forex trader. 


*Please be aware: There are NO REFUNDS on Digital Ebook/Training Manual Orders or Courses. THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT. Immediately after purchase, you will see a download button. Please download the file and follow the steps. Email hello@briankenyahorton if you have any issues.


*Disclaimer: Past profits do not guarantee future profits. 


If you have questions before or after purchasing, please email

B-Swing Strategy Training Manual

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