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BK Trading Academy 


We Help New And Struggling Forex Traders Learn How To Trade Forex With Structure And Personal Guidance, So They Can Start The Right Way, Have A Breakthrough, And Trade Confidently!



Weekly Live Trading 
Tue & Thur 8 AM EST

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Inside the Program

BK Trading Academy I Inside the Program
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The BEST Price Action Trading Course for Forex Traders!

Out of many choices, we've been told by students that BK Forex Academy is the BEST program in the marketplace  simply because of our highly structured and engaging content that leaves no gaps in learning, our in-depth approach to risk management, hand-held mentorship, and our highly profitable trading strategies. Our realistic and simple approach has assisted thousands of traders to focus on quality and consistent growth. 

Course Curriculum 

BK Forex Academy Price Action Course has EVERYTHING you need to become a consistently profitable trader. Here's what you get as a lifetime member:  

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✔ 10+ Chat Rooms Available Inside

✔ Exclusive for BK Forex Academy Members

✔ Message and Network With Other Members

✔ The Best Way To Communicate With Us 1 on 1 

✔ See Our Announcements, 90% Win Rate Trade Ideas, Updates, ETC.

Our Private Community

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✔ Learn Our Profitable Strategies for Scalping, Intraday, Swing, Or Position Trading

✔ Option To Use Content Training Manuals To Increase Understanding Of Strategy

✔ Trading Plan For All Students With Guidance On Creating An Effective Plan

✔ Innovative Trade Journal For All Students  

✔ Training On Backtesting Strategies 

Highly Profitable Trading Systems

  70+ Video Lesson Library


✔ 70+ "No Fluff" Training Videos 

✔ Highly Structured, Detailed, and Straight To The Point

✔ Covers Basic To Advanced Forex Trading Education

✔ In-Depth Risk Management Training 

✔ Certificate Award For Completion

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✔ See When And How We Analyze The Market To Buy And Sell 

✔ Get Your Questions Answered In Real Time 

✔ Identify Entry Points To Buy And Sell For A Good Deal

✔ Get Access To Every Live Trading In Case You Miss It 

✔ Take Profitable Trades With Us When the Market Gives an Opportunity

Exclusive Weekly Live
Trading Sessions

BK Trading Academy I KiSS 2.0 Trading Strategy

Course Curriculum 

BK Forex Academy has a total of 9 modules consisting over 70 + video lectures. Below is an idea of the program structure and PARTIAL list of specific topics you will learn: 

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Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 6.40.35 AM
Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 6.41.29 AM
Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 6.42.04 AM
Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 6.41.45 AM
Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 6.42.26 AM
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Welcome Module 

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✔ Get your BFA workbook! This will keep you organized! 

✔ Join the Community! 

✔ How to get your BK Apparel!

✔ Tips for Discord Community!

✔ How to Take Trade Ideas from the Academy! 

✔ Live Coaching Calls & How to Attend Weekly Meetings!

✔ How to Set Up Trading Platforms You'll Need!

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BK Mindset Mastery Module 1 

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✔ Trading Psychology! 

✔ Guide to Master Your Mind!

✔ Why the Mind Matters in Making Money!

✔ Setups that Fit Your System!

✔ Develop a Winning Attitude! 

✔ The Equity Curve & Paying Yourself Along the Way!

BK Basics Module 2 


✔ What is Forex, What's Traded in Forex, Lots and Leverage!

✔ Trends, Support & Resistance, Candlestick Analysis!

✔ How to Buy & Sell, Order Types!

✔ Technical, Fundamental, and Sentimental Analysis! 

✔ Entries, Stops, and Profit Targets!

✔ Confirmation Checklist!

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BK Intermediate Module 3 

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✔ Trading Platform Tutorial!

✔ In-depth Charting & Analysis! 

✔ Trend & Reversal Trading!

✔ Supply & Demand Trading! 

✔ Various Indicators & How to Use Them!

✔ Historical Data Analysis! 

✔ Pullback Trading! 

✔ Bid-Ask Price & Spreads! 

✔ Pre-Market Analysis! 

✔ Styles of Trading!

✔ News Trading & Correlating Pairs!

BK Advanced Module 4 

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✔ Advanced Charting!

✔ Price Action Trading!

✔ Market Structure Trading!

✔ Continuation Patterns!

✔ Breakout Trading!

✔ Elliot Wave System!

✔ Fibonacci Trading! 

✔ Triangle Trading!

✔ Divergence Trading!

✔ Multiple Timeframe Analysis!

✔ Multiple "Profitable" Trading Strategies Trainings!

Photo 4 .jpeg

BK Risk Management Module 5 

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✔ Intro to Risk Management!

✔ Using a Position Size Calculator!

✔ Exclusive Risk Management Strategy that WORKS!

✔ Applying Breakeven!

✔ How to Use Trailing Stops Effectively!

✔ Stop Loss Placement for Scalpers, Intraday, Swing, Position!

✔ Using Tight Stops!

✔ Building a Risk Plan! 

✔ Cutting Losses!

✔ Locking in Profit! & Much More!

BK Demo Module 6 


✔ What You Need to Know About Brokers!

✔ Brokers for USA Traders!

✔ Brokers for NON-USA Traders!

✔ Trading on Desktop!

✔ Trading on Mobile!

✔ Trading System!

✔ Demo Practice Trading!

✔ Taking Your First Trade!

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BK Live Module 7

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BK LOGO TRANSPARENT - Black letters.001.png

BK Graduate Module 8

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✔ Test Trading System!

✔ Submit Trading Plan!

✔ Journal Activity!

✔ Live Analysis Activity & Feedback!

✔ Completion Award!


✔ Trading Plan!

✔ Trading Journal Instructions!

✔ Risk Management Review Plan!

✔ Golden Ratio to Successful Trades!

✔ Alerts & Notifications! 

✔ Key Economic Indicators 

✔ GO LIVE Checklist!

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Helping Students Master the
Market With Confidence!

*After payment, expect email with login credentials

Your Instructors

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Brian Horton 

Investor, Trader, Educator


"As a full-time investor, professional trader, and educator with over 10 years experience and working for one of the worlds largest banks, I've been fortunate to master the skill of trading and pass it on to others. In our Forex program, we take students by the hand and provide a high level of support, daily live trading, and constant feedback. We've helped many students master risk management in a way that's rarely taught in the marketplace, and you'll hear this in many of our student testimonials. We are family at BK Trading Academy and value creating an environment of positive energy, love, support, success, and compassion for all. 

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Kenya Horton 

Investor, Trader, Educator


"We are a God-first family and business and feel grateful to share our gift of trading with others. When I was a new trader, there were so many learning gaps in the marketplace and I struggled for a long time. As we mastered trading, my husband and I started creating successful trading systems and people wanted more of what we had to offer. As a previous higher education instructor, I knew that creating an academy was the next logical step, which allowed us to serve more people and continue in our passion for education and teaching. My prayer is that every BK Learner excels to their highest potential and use their success to impact the world and make it a better place." - Phil 2:3 

Content training books for the strategies we teach!

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What Our Students Say...

Results Are In the Numbers 

Click to the right below to hear what many others have said about their experience with BK Forex Academy...

Word On the Street

*After payment, expect email with login credentials

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a monthly subscription or one time payment?            

BK Forex Academy is a one-time payment for lifetime membership. 

Is BK Forex Academy for beginners or experienced traders?           

Both! We help new and struggling Forex Traders learn how to trade with structure and guidance, so that you start the way, have a breakthrough, and trade confidently!

What if I have questions or concerns?

All students have access to our private discord where they can ask questions anytime. We are active in the group chats daily! If you have urgent or specific questions, you can message us directly on Discord or contact the technical support team via email: for any technical issues. 

What makes BK Forex Academy different from other courses in the market?            

We offer a structured and interactive system that helps you get results! Our program leaves no "gaps" in learning and provide abundant support so that you never feel alone. Also, we don't believe in teaching students to rely on products and signals but instead teach you the fundamentals of price action trading, market structure, risk management, and the skills needed to develop an edge. If you gravitate to our learning style and love our content, the academy is an excellent fit for you. 

How long do I have access to the lesson library, live calls, and private community?            

Forever - lifetime access

How much money do I need to START trading?                     

In our experience, it's in our members best interest to BEGIN demo (practice) trading to understand  what you are learning while you complete the course. Mistakes will be made along the way and its best to make these mistakes with fake money but gain real experience. 

How many trade ideas are provided daily and what are the statistics?                     

We are not a signal service, however we provide daily high probability trade ideas that explain our personal execution and reason for taking a trade. The purpose of providing these ideas are to help traders master our proven and profitable strategies and most importantly, risk management. Our win rate is 90% and our trading statistics are publicly available. If you would like to see our profitability over the last 6 months to 1 yr, please send us a message in the "lets chat" area on the website. 

When do you live trade and how is it conducted?               

Live trading is offered weekly on Tuesday and Thursday at 8 am EST (London or Asian session trading may be sporadically offered and all sessions are recorded to the best of our ability in case you're unable to attend). During live trading, we are analyzing the market and showing you how to execute based on the profitable strategies that we use and teach. We execute trades in live time only if the market presents an opportunity. Otherwise, we wait patiently for high probability set-ups and guide you through them when they are ready. 

REFUND Policy?               

No refunds are given. Absolutely NO exceptions. Please review our website carefully before enrolling to ensure we are the best fit for your trading journey. 

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